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Updated: Apr 3

FreshAir were given a press pass to berlioz's gig at St. Lukes, Glasgow (15th March 2023)

berlioz is described on RA as a "mysterious DJ and producer who has burst onto the jazz-house scene, accumulating millions of listens ahead of his EP release in a matter of months."

With not much information available online, I didn't know what to expect. What I did know was that I was that I loved the EP. It was a reliable, ambient choice for dinner parties, studying, or a quiet end to a long day - Inoffensive and atmospherically rich, with some jazzy motifs throughout.

Jasper Edward Attlee - better known by his DJ name, berlioz, released his debut EP in June of 2023. I found the title song 'jazz is for ordinary people' on my Spotify "Discover Weekly", and since then, I've found friends recommending me the EP non-stop.

As I steadily made my way to Glasgow on the train, I was curious to see how "jazz-house" would manifest itself as a live set. Could the spontaneity of jazz work with the steady beats of house music? How would the two genres come together? And most importantly, would it be GOOD?

As soon as I arrived it was difficult to ignore the excellent choice in venue. St Lukes is a restored Grade B listed building which showcases all the original features of what was originally St Luke’s Parish Church. With stained glass windows and a pipe organ, it was lit with moody pinks and purples as the crowd buzzed in anticipation for the performance.

And so it began: berlioz took his place behind the decks with a saxophonist, keyboard player, and bassist in front. Featuring some great solos (my favourites came from the saxophonist) you really felt like you should be sipping at a dirty martini and smoking a cigarette, falling into the music's trance of rhythmic, glamorous sophistication created by tracks like 'nyc in 1940' or 'hot house'.

After performing all the tracks from the EP we were granted an exclusive performance of a song from berlioz's (unreleased) new album. It had a similar energy to what we had previously heard, but perhaps that's the charm of house / jazz fusion: a constant vibe sprinkled with moments of jazzy solos.

The fusion between jazz and house produces the crowd you expect it would. Carhartt adorning 20-something hipsters bopping and boogying. It was groovy to say the least.

The only slight disappointment was the promise of an hour set, when in reality while we were only awarded 50 minutes. I'll excuse it this time - when your catalogue is only 30 minutes long (give or take) you have to make the most of it.

I love the EP. I love jazz. I love house. berlioz delivered a live performance of what the fusion promised, and while jazz is for ordinary people, berloiz's performance was an extra-ordinary showcase how two genres can come together successfully.

Many thanks to Millie Finch from Arcade Talent Agency for this opportunity.

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